More about Me

I am passionate about living a wholehearted life, surrendered to God. This has led me to care deeply about health–physical, emotional and spiritual.

Caring for our physical, emotional and spiritual health means a lot of things. It has led me to two companies that promote health and wellness.

Health and Wellness Coach

I am not an expert on living a healthy lifestyle. As a coach, I am learning right along side those I am coaching. We offer each other support, encouragement and accountability. Being a coach is helping me develop healthy habits that will fuel me and others to living a wholehearted life. Please visit my website or message me for more information.

Pure Haven Ambassador

As a consultant for Pure Haven I help people swap out their toxic everyday personal care and cleaning products for healthy, safe, toxin free, alternatives. Please visit my website for a list of all the products we have available.

“Knowing this group was here waiting for me, was the only reason I got up this morning, made myself a healthy breakfast and went on my run.”–Referring to a recent challenge group