Trust Me

I was sitting on the floor cradling a crying 2 year old, calming whispering in her ear, “just trust me, trust me, I only want the best for you—just trust me.” I really don’t remember what she had done, but it was devastating in her little world. And it was something that I had apparently tried to guide her away from, but, well things didn’t work out the way I would have liked—they ended in tears.

This was not the first time, I had said those words to one of my kids, “just trust me—all you need to do is trust me.” No, I say them often, more often that I would like. Isn’t it obvious that my children, at 2 and 4 would trust me.

And in so many ways, I am them. How many times must God be saying the same thing to me over and over again. “Just trust me, Melissa…all you need to do is trust me, I have your best interests in my heart.

Ah, but why, why am I still that little kid putting her hand on the hot stove—-knowing I will get burned, yet, I do it anyways, almost every. single. time.

I dont trust. I do it on my own. I rely on my own independence to take care of me, of my family, of my kids, of my future. I place my hand on the hot stove and cry out in pain.

And there it is again, that still small voice, whispering in my ear, “Just trust me, child. Trust me, and I will give you peace, I will give you life, I will give you joy…surrendering to me will bring you life.

Living surrendered is a daily, moment by moment decision I must make. In the midst of the messiness of life, it isn’t easy to rest in the grace of Jesus—and yet,

this is what I am called to do–live surrendered.

this is who I am called to be–a surrendered child of God.

Every day there is another part of my life that demands surrender—demands an overhaul. And so every day in the midst of the beautiful mess I call my life, I make the decision to hand it over to Jesus—to give him everything—to live a surrendered life.

What part of your life is God calling you to surrender today? What is standing in your way of surrendering to Him? What could possibly be available to you on the other side?

What I am listening to: Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) -Hillsong United


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